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Last Hours in Cambodia

I woke early as this was my last day in Cambodia. I had no idea what exactly was going to happen, but going with the flow hadn’t led me wrong up to that point. I went down to the main room where breakfast was being served, and noticed another girl sitting by herself. I went up to her and introduced myself, and we ended up having breakfast together. Her name was Kathryne, and when she asked me what my plans were, I told her the truth.. I had no clue.

She told me that she was thinking of starting her day by heading to the Killing Fields, that the tuk tuk was $12, and if I would be willing to come along with her. Knowing that I was going to say goodbye to my Irish friends that very day, I agreed. We ended up spending the entire day sightseeing together, and boy.. did we squeeze in a lot of stuff!

Mass graves at the Killing Fields in Phnom Penh

The tree which was used to beat children to death

The horror of Cambodia’s all too recent past was painfully fresh, and very well documented. After going through the tour, we were quite depressed, and couldn’t really bring ourselves to eat lunch. We ended up visiting the Royal Palace instead.

The Palace grounds

After touring the Royal Palace, we walked along the river nearby and I saw something very odd…

Can someone please explain to me why this little naked boy is dragging a boat up steam with an old man inside???

At this point, we were pretty much starving, so we wandered into this cute little cafe. We chatted for a while over our late lunch, and shared some of our life stories. Turned out that Kathryne was a teacher at a prison in Leicester. I thought that was very unique!

Kathryne and I, after eating lunch

It was getting pretty late in the afternoon, and we decided that since I was leaving tomorrow, I absolutely had to see the Russian Market, so we hailed another tuk tuk and off we went!

I’m a girl. SOOOO I shopped! What else is there to do at a market? They had to literally drag us kicking and screaming out of the throngs of stalls! My last day in Cambodia was nothing short of epic… History, Food, Friendship, Sites and Shopping. Travel really doesn’t get much better than this!

Faces of Cambodia

Snapshots of local persons I met and saw during my stay in Cambodia:

Photo Essay: Ruins of Angkor

Continuing from my last post….

After I walked through the gate of the Angkor complex, I didn’t see my tuk tuk driver. So, I started looking at the number plates, when my driver called out to me. I didn’t recognize him, because he now wore a neon yellow vest over his shirt! He explained that it’s mandatory for them to put on the vest, when they first enter the temple grounds to identify them as legal drivers.

Now that I was reunited with my transportation, I took the temples by storm! Here’s a look into my day exploring the massive and awe-inspiring temples and the surrounding areas: