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A Lovely Weekend Trip to Grenada!!!

Last month, I made a quick journey to the Spice Island of Grenada in the Southern Caribbean. My very first Godson lives there, and it’s been 3 months since he was born. It was definitely time for me to meet him. I packed my bags the night before, and woke up at an atrocious hour in the morning for my flight down South.  I had a bit of a delay in Barbados, but I luckily arrived at my destination only 2 hours later than originally expected.

It was so wonderful to see my best friend Rockebah and her gorgeous bouncing baby boy, Jaquawn. He stole my heart in a few seconds flat!



Grenada isn’t your typical Caribbean island. While there are a few lovely white sand beaches, most of its beauty is found within the center of the island. There’s a massive rainforest inland, with glorious green foliage and rolling hills as far as the eyes can see. It’s no surprise that Agriculture is a dominant industry there!  The tiny roads wind through the countryside, with countless bends, ascents and a few steep descents. It was quite a stark contrast to my home island of Antigua!



Grand Anse beach is the most popular seaside spot in Grenada.  The sand was gloriously golden, the water was a beautiful blue and the salty crisp sea breeze was stimulating. I took a quick dip in the water then retreated to a beach bar for a couple of drinks.





The next day, we went on a road trip through the island. I visited the Annadale waterfalls and Lake Grand Etang. These natural attractions were pretty amazing and well kept.




I’m definitely returning to this spectacular island by the end of this year! Grenada deserves more than just a whirlwind weekend trip and I’d love to see my lil’ man start to creep/crawl. I can’t wait!

I Love My Xshot Monopod!

I’m really big on photos, and one of the major downsides of traveling abroad solo, is the difficulty in having your photo taken. Whether it be standing in front of the Eiffel Tower or the State of Liberty, it’s not easy trying to take a decent ‘selfie’ with the landmark in the background.

During my trip to NYC in January, I decided to purchase a monopod. I’ve seen countless videos online with regular folks obtaining awesome footage or photos with the help of this device. After a bit of research, it appeared as though the most travel friendly monopod for my lifestyle was the Xshot.  It claimed to be small enough to fit inside of my pocket, while having the capability to extend to 30 inches in length!


I made the order on for approximately $20 USD, and patiently awaited the arrival of my package.  I am happy to report that I am absolutely thrilled with my Xshot! It’s an extremely handy gadget which gives me the an entirely different dimension to my photography. With a proper grip on the handle, blurred images aren’t a factor, and the 10 second timer on my camera is all that’s needed to snap a great selfie.


I think that all travelers could benefit from purchasing a monopod, whether it’s an Xshot or not, just as long as it’s portable. Families could easily take group shots at various destinations, or even capture of photo of someone sticking their head out of a train window. The possibilities are rather endless! If you have one already, let me know what you think of it!


Dining On A Modified Oil Tanker!

There’s a new attraction in Antigua and it’s not your typical park or an island tour. I’m talking about a modified oil tanker which is now a floating restaurant/bar/nightclub, anchored out in Jolly Harbour. (Drumroll please)…. It’s known as “D-Boat”.


Jolly Harbour is a beautiful bay in the south-western side of the island, in the village of Bolans. From the jetty at the harbour, there’s a ferry which transports visitors to and from D-Boat. To find the ferry easily, ask for the Crows Nest Restaurant, as it’s right in front of the pick-up/drop off area. The views during transit are really lovely.




D-Boat is a great spot to enjoy a bite to eat, and a glass of wine at sunset. Their menu is quite diverse and affordable by Caribbean standards, starting from around $8 USD and a glass of wine is $4. I ordered a plate of chicken wings with blue cheese dip, while my cousin Anya chose the chicken wrap with a side order of fries.





The dining area, while somewhat small, offers a great view of the sea, and the gentle rocking motion by the ocean is enough to lull anyone into a relaxed state.


On the weekends, the venue is transformed into a nightclub, complete with a Dj and a dancefloor. It’s definitely a unique place to get your groove on! During the day however, the atmosphere is laid back, and guests can have a blast using the on-site water slide and enjoy a dip in the stunningly blue Caribbean waters.


For anyone looking to add a bit of ‘different’ to their day, an afternoon or evening spent on D-Boat is a great option. We had a wonderful time and I’m pretty sure you will too!