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Downtown in Dutch St. Maarten

After docking the ship and clearing Immigration, Vonia and I left the crew at the yacht marina and took a local bus to go downtown Philipsburg, the shopping central of St. Maarten. For such a tiny island, there was quite a long line of traffic, so getting from one place to another took quite a while. Eventually we arrived in town, and we spent the day wandering through the stores on the famous Front Street and Back Street. Shopping was hard work, so after we bought everything on our list, we kicked back at The Blue Bitch Bar for a bit. Interesting name for a bar don’t you think??? Enjoy the photos!

Leaving the yacht marina

Pirates of the Caribbean?

Walking along Back Street

Lovely church on Front Street

Guava Berry is the local speciatly in St. Maarten

Care for a drink here?

Stuffing my face!

After a great day, we headed back to the yacht and sailed home! Ship Ahoy!

Across The Caribbean Sea!

After returning home, there was no way I could keep still after being on the road for so long. I was very restless for the first couple of days, then one of my Couchsurfing friends from Hungary (who lives in Antigua) gave me a great opportunity. I got a sweet deal to sail from Antigua to St. Maarten on a 40 foot Beneateau yacht!

I’ve never been sailing before, so of course I agreed to go! My friend Vonia was interested in doing a bit of shopping in St. Maarten, so she asked to come along as well. We only had to pay $180 each, and who knows if I would ever get to sail for such a cheap price again in the near future? I only had 3 days notice so I had a bit of preparations to do. Seasick pills would have to be bought, stock up on my favourite candy and pack enough layers to beat the cold winds in the open Caribbean Sea.

Before I knew it, the day had arrived! I met the crew: Captain Harry from England, Serg from Antigua who was doing a RYA Sailing course and a volunteer sailor from Europe. They were all pretty cool guys and they did an excellent job in getting us across the Caribbean Sea to St. Maarten. It was smooth sailing, and no one was sick. I was even allowed to steer the yacht for a bit!

Immigration took their sweet time with stamping our passports, but eventually we were in! Here are some photos from the trip:

My friend, Vonia

Captain Harry