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Fun At Canada’s Wonderland!

When I planned a trip to visit my cousin in Toronto, Canada, visiting a large theme park wasn’t part of the original plan. To be honest, it didn’t occur to me at ALL that Toronto had an amusement park. Needless to say, when the idea was suggested, I was puzzled, shocked then thrilled at the opportunity!


Canada’s Wonderland is the largest fun park located in the entire country, and it was only a quick trip on a public bus from the city area. What I loved the most, was the extensive number of thrill rides, nicely balanced with some leisurely activities such as the ferris wheel to allow my adrenaline rush to subside.


Many of you may be used to these activities, but my island is too small for such parks. I’ve never been on a large roller coaster before turning twenty-two! I’m told you will either love it or hate it for life, and seeing as though I apparently have a steel cage for a stomach, I’m patiently awaiting my next thrill.


During the summer, the lines can be ridiculous. I had to catch a flight out that very evening, so I was forced to bite the bullet and purchase the ‘fast pass’ which allowed me to enter a shorter line for all of the rides. At $50 extra, this was quite an unexpected splurge, but that’s what happens in travel. We can’t always predict what will happen next.


All in all, I loved Canada’s Wonderland! It was immaculately clean, no rides were out of service and their fast pass service flowed seamlessly. I can definitely see myself returning 😀

Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain

It was a long week of classes in a dull air conditioned room, so I really needed to get some sunlight and fresh air. When the weekend came around, a friend suggested that a day around Queen’s Park Savannah may be a great idea for exercise and great views. It was quite a workout too, as Queen’s Park Savannah forms the largest traffic Round-a-bout in the world!

There were lovely spots everywhere to sit and relax. The trees provided much needed shade as we walked along.

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