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Manhattan, I Love Ya!

My day started as any other. Breakfast, shower, brush teeth, get dressed, then hit the road to explore!

2014-01-20 10.25.07

2014-01-20 10.24.25

It was a rather cold but clear day and I felt like a trip to New York City. To get there, I took the train from Jersey City to Manhattan for $2.50 USD. After a fifteen minute or so ride, I arrived in The Big Apple and met up with a cousin of mine for some sightseeing.


We did some shopping on 42nd street before jumping aboard the shuttle to Times Square. Everything there was glitzy and glamorous, making it difficult to decide what to photograph first. Hands deep in pockets in attempt to ward off the freezing temperatures, we strolled around for the better half of an hour, just soaking in the awesome atmopshere.




Then as the sunlight faded into night, I was treated to a spectacular view of the Empire State Building:


Can you tell that I had a great time? I will make sure that the next time I visit, it will be during the summer months. Winter is beautiful, but I’m a sunshine baby inside!!

New York City Sights

Despite the seemingly arctic weather, I braved the elements to do some sightseeing in the Big Apple. I rode over the Brooklyn Bridge, saw the Empire State Building, shopped in Manhattan and even went looking for street graffiti in the neighbourhood of Crown Heights. At some points, it was so freezing, that when I breathed, I could see twin puffs of white ‘smoke’ from my nose! Ridiculous!!

I took the Path Train from Jersey City where I was staying and spent the day traipsing around NYC… Here’s some of the photos I ended up with:

The Brooklyn Bridge

Maneuvering ’round Manhattan

Empire State Building

Street Graffiti

After a while though, it became difficult to take photos with my arms full of shopping bags! All in all, it was a great day and I had a whirl of a time 😀