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A New Emotional State…

I don’t know how it happened…. I genuinely have no clue whatsoever!

How did I suddenly become this laid back planner overnight???? For the last five months, I’ve been swamped in research, trying to learn as much as I could about the destinations I would be heading to.  I had separate lists…of the main tourist sites (mostly temples) that I would love to see, things I absolutely HAD to do, and even foods to order at restaurants. I think we can call that condition OCP. Over Compulsive Planning.

I’d go crazy if I couldn’t find enough information on a tour, or satisfactory reviews on a particular guesthouse. Now… I’m really not concerned anymore. I’m welcoming the unknown to join me on my RTW trip and I am absolutely baffled! The only explanation that my brain can come up with, is maybe all of those blogs written by bloggers who just go with the flow, are now having an effect on me. Question is… Is this a good or a bad thing?

Pros of Planning

1. Less things to worry about. Accommodations are already booked, destinations are decided… so simply relax and enjoy.

2. It would be rather surprising if you got caught off guard.. seeing that you’d have already planned for all ‘what if’ scenarios.

3. Less money would be wasted. You’d been working on your packing list for weeks, and you know what ATM fees to expect.

4. You’d be better financially prepared. Planners mostly start off with making a budget.. then working the trip around it.

5. You stand a better chance of doing and seeing everything that you had on your dream list.

Cons of Planning

1. Sticking to a plan can be frustrating while on vacation. May seem like you’re stuck to a schedule for the entire trip.

2. Not much room for flexibility. Love this museum? Tough luck… gotta get a move on in 30 minutes, to keep up with the timetable!

3. Not much chance for spontaneity. You may not be able to do something random and unexpected, and this can cause regret.

4. You’re less likely to form friendships on the road. Sometimes the people you meet, can make your trip totally awesome.

5. Things like illness can throw a plan out of whack. You may be forced to cancel reservations for a fee.

I think that I’m now fed up of planning. The information that I’ve gathered before, combined with this new-found feeling of spontaneity.. should make the perfect mix for my trip. I won’t make too many schedules, and I’ll try to keep my plans flexible enough that if I meet some really cool people along the way, it won’t cost me a fortune to scrap the schedule for a day or two. Why can’t I leave today????

Proposed Itinerary


Los Angeles



Kuala Lumpur


*Cruise from Venice to Ljubljana, Bari, Ravenna and Dubrovnik*