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A Lovely Weekend Trip to Grenada!!!

Last month, I made a quick journey to the Spice Island of Grenada in the Southern Caribbean. My very first Godson lives there, and it’s been 3 months since he was born. It was definitely time for me to meet him. I packed my bags the night before, and woke up at an atrocious hour in the morning for my flight down South.  I had a bit of a delay in Barbados, but I luckily arrived at my destination only 2 hours later than originally expected.

It was so wonderful to see my best friend Rockebah and her gorgeous bouncing baby boy, Jaquawn. He stole my heart in a few seconds flat!



Grenada isn’t your typical Caribbean island. While there are a few lovely white sand beaches, most of its beauty is found within the center of the island. There’s a massive rainforest inland, with glorious green foliage and rolling hills as far as the eyes can see. It’s no surprise that Agriculture is a dominant industry there!  The tiny roads wind through the countryside, with countless bends, ascents and a few steep descents. It was quite a stark contrast to my home island of Antigua!



Grand Anse beach is the most popular seaside spot in Grenada.  The sand was gloriously golden, the water was a beautiful blue and the salty crisp sea breeze was stimulating. I took a quick dip in the water then retreated to a beach bar for a couple of drinks.





The next day, we went on a road trip through the island. I visited the Annadale waterfalls and Lake Grand Etang. These natural attractions were pretty amazing and well kept.




I’m definitely returning to this spectacular island by the end of this year! Grenada deserves more than just a whirlwind weekend trip and I’d love to see my lil’ man start to creep/crawl. I can’t wait!


Visiting The Pillars of Hercules!

The Pillars of Hercules is a natural phenomenon in Antigua where water erosion carves out a cliff face into ‘pillars’ like those seen in Greek or Roman architecture. The site was recently nominated to become a ‘Natural Wonder of the World’, but sadly didn’t claim the title. Regardless, I figured a trip to see the pillars would be a great weekend activity.


There are two ways to get to there. For the physically adventurous, there’s a hiking path which takes visitors to the cliffside. To take this route, interested persons can inquire at the Information Office at Nelson’s Dockyard. We decided to take the easier route, and opted to hire a water taxi to take us out into the harbour for some awesome seaside views instead.


The day before, we went to Nelson’s Dockyard to inquire about the water taxi and to make our reservation. We took a leisurely stroll through the area, snapping photos of the different sights before we found the skipper of the water taxi. We made our appointment, then returned home.


The next day, we arrived about 4pm to begin our tour. Our Skipper was called Mannix, and he took us out to sea in a little speed boat. It became quite the adventure when we left the calm waters of English Harbour and came into contact with some waves of somewhat epic proportions.



We passed two ancient fortresses, known as Fort Berkeley and Fort Charlotte. They once protected the island from pirates and today they’re beautiful relics of Antigua’s history.


Before we knew it, we were approaching the Pillars of Hercules. The site was awe-inspiring, and it was truly astonishing to think that they were created by Mother Nature.
We snapped as many photos as we could before turning around to return to the harbour.



Mannix mentioned that he needed to pick up a few folks from Galleon Beach, so we got a little more sightseeing than we’d bargained for! It was fun to weave through the throngs of yachts, as we made our way to the jetty at the beach.



We moved over to make space for the newcomers then headed back for Nelson’s Dockyard.




After hopping out of the boat, we paid Mannix $4 USD for the trip, which in our opinion was a really decent price. We had such a great time, that I’m pretty sure we’ll be back with a few more friends before the year is over.