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A Dream Destination Come True!

Switzerland was one of those countries which I used to dream about. How beautiful it seemed, the gorgeous alpine views and the amazing Swiss architecture. I was also very much aware of the fact that Switzerland was one of the most expensive countries to visit in the entire world! However, when I started planning this trip, I was determined to visit Switzerland against all odds. In order to prevent myself from backing out, the first flight I booked for my Round The World trip, was my flight home from Switzerland! No going back now! I visited this dream destination, and boy oh boy!…. It was worth every effort it took me to get there!

I was honestly close to tears. All the hard work, all of the sacrifices, all the nights spent at home…. if I wasn’t already sure that it was worth it, this would have been the moment of revelation. There is no greater feeling, than the feeling you get when you actually realize… YOU DID IT!

Everything seems that much better, after you’ve worked so hard for it. You appreciate every smell, taste and all the sights much more, than if someone just handed you the experience.

Two of the main Switzerland attractions that called to me, were the Alps and the Architecture. I’ll do the Alps in my next post, but tell me, do you think these views weren’t worth it?? Swiss Architecture Rocks!!



Lesson Learned? Never give up on those dreams that mean the most to you. The things we have to fight the hardest for, are the things that will be most worth it in the end.