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Despicably Guilty… A Blogger Reborn!

Ok, It’s confession time. I’ve recently been a really bad blogger. I have taken an entire 2 months ‘vacation’ without warning! I do feel really badly about it and while there isn’t an excuse, I do have a reason for my disappearance.


I’m a travel blogger. It’s what makes me happy…what sings in my blood and it’s definitely what I daydream about. It’s been really rough for the past 4 months, because my big trip that I’ve been planning seemingly for forever, keeps on being delayed by my career.


Vacations aren’t being granted at the moment, causing me to become quite depressed. What is a travel blogger without travel? That is the question which haunted my thoughts.


My dark cloud became so dark, that I actually considered canceling my blog altogether. Then I started to read some of my older posts. Then I read a few more. Finally, I realized that there was no way I could give this up. While I lack thousands of readers, I do have quite a lot for a blog which isn’t written for financial gain. I’ve inspired many others to travel despite roadblocks and multiple dead-ends.

So, why couldn’t my blog inspire me to do the same when I was feeling down? I decided to follow my own advice.  I will continue to dream and plan my soon-to-be adventures as though my departure date is next week!


My next big trip may have an opportunity to become reality sooner than I realize, and the only thing I can do right now is to prepare myself. Travel is what I do.. It’s who I am. I will never forget that a second time!

I Love Rome! Roma, Ti Amo!