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Appreciating My Own Homeland

Inspired by posts about local travel by other travel bloggers such as Bama, I decided to show my readers one of my most beloved areas of Antigua. The Village of English Harbour is a well established port, mostly entertaining yachts from all over the world. Some days, I simply bring my laptop or a novel to my favourite cafe in the village and watch the world go by. Introducing my ‘Spot’: The Skullduggery Cafe!



As the name suggests, this is a cafe that’s mostly frequented by sailors, located in the heart of the Antigua Yacht Club Marina. I spent quite a bit of the last week here simply writing for this site. The atmosphere is really relaxing during the day until about 4pm when the sailors are finished working and make their way to the watering hole.


This is one of the high points of Skullduggery Cafe. It’s situated right on the dock of the marina, literally four steps from falling off the pier. Thankfully the water is really shallow, like only two feet deep, for anyone concerned about the safety of little children.


Nearby, lots of private yachts are moored, and due to the fact that Antigua has one of the most popular harbours in the Caribbean, you may see several super yachts such as one belonging to Bill Gates. The area is very peaceful, and many visitors go to the cafe with a book in hand to just simply kick back and relax.


Several tables and chairs are scattered about just outside of the establishment, and each table seats four guests comfortably. The cafe has both a breakfast and a lunch menu available for guests who want to grab a bite. Breakfast items include two eggs prepared in any style for $6 USD and a number of sides are available for an extra cost: Fried tomatoes, ham, bacon and toast. Pancakes are prepared on request for $3 USD as well as fruits and bagels.

I usually arrive at the cafe around lunch time, so I end up always ordering from the afternoon menu.


Pastas are available for around $10 USD, and their Philly Steak sandwich for $7 is a great choice. However my favourite dish is their Toasted Ham, Cheese, Tomato and Onion sandwich for $4. The melted cheddar cheese creates a really zesty flavour when combined with the tomato and onions!



The cafe also serves as a bar, with a large selection of liquors on their shelves. The bartenders serve the usual suspects such as Screwdrivers and Mojitos, but the Espresso Martinis and the Cappuchino Martinis are the house specialties. The concoction is made right infront of the customer, and the brew is then poured directly into a martini glass. Expect to pay about $6 US for the martini.


Cold soft drinks such as Mountain Dew and Coca Cola can be bought, as well as hot beverages such as coffee and tea.


While the food and beverages are really good here, the main draw is the view and the ambience. The establishment is really laid back, and even pets are allowed to roam freely. On my last visit, a very friendly Bull Mastiff walked about, receiving many pats and scatches behind the ear from all of the guests, while his owner drank a Carib beer nearby.


Skullduggery Cafe is where I go to relax after a hectic day, and I hope you can see why I’m one of their favourite customers! In order to appreciate international travel, sometimes you need to start by looking a little closer to home!

Plans for 2013!!

The year 2012 is almost over, and new things have been planned for this blog! Aside from sharing my travels from this year, there’s a bigger piece to my 2013 puzzle! I will be now actively saving and planning for my next RTW trip now that school is finished, and I will be recording the entire process in detail here over the next 12 months.  I know  how hard it is to keep focused when you’re saving for a big trip, and I think by sharing my experience with my readers, I will keep a better track of my finances.

Counting Cash In Cambodia

Counting Cash In Cambodia

If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you would have realized that I don’t travel for long periods at a time. That’s just my preferred way of travel. I love when a country constantly amazes me and gives me bursts of adrenaline to see what’s around the next corner. I’ve tried long term travel, when I lived in Trinidad and Tobago for over 6 months, and while it was an awesome life experience, I can’t honestly say it’s something that I’d want to do on a regular basis.

Ok! I got a little off track for a minute! Let’s go back to the future Round the World Trip planning, shall we? I’m thinking of leaving for 6-8 weeks this time, and it’s going to be action packed! I love reading about all the crazy adventures others have around the planet, and I think it’s time I joined in! Skydiving, scuba,  and (maybe!) bungee jumping are all in the line up!

The reason I’m planning and saving for a year for this trip, is based on the time frame of my first RTW trip. It took me 7 months to organize a 4 week trip which wasn’t so adventure filled, so I’m adding an extra 5 months as a buffer for this upcoming journey.

The destinations aren’t set as yet, so any opinions and tips are most welcome!! I can’t wait! Planning is half the fun, and I’ll be reading other’s travel blogs (such as yours!) for tips and receive loads of inspiration. Let the quest begin!