Bucket List

1. Travel around the world

2. Paraglide

3. Skydive

4. Parasail

5. Scuba dive

6. Hot air balloon ride

7. Climb a mountain

8. Experience Swiss Alps

9. Sail the Mediterranean

10. White water rafting

11. Get a tattoo done overseas

12. Go backpacking

13. Pack bags and head off with no plans

14. Travel solo

15. Swim with dolphins

16. Cruise down a river

17. See Halong Bay

18. See the Statue of Christ in Rio

19. Visit a cave, explore the underground

20. Fly first class

21. Ride a thrill rollercoaster

22. Do a somersault

23. Visit a castle

24. Learn sign language

25. Go trekking in a rainforest

26. Swim in a waterfall

27. Learn to play to guitar

28. Cycle in a foreign land

29. Go on a road trip

30. Abseil down a waterfall

31. Live overseas for six months

32. Sail on a bamboo raft

33. Ride in a tuk tuk

34. Ride an elephant

35. Ride a camel

36. Go sand surfing

37. Go windsurfing

38. Do a camping trip

39.Ride a gondola in Venice

40. Learn to swim properly

41. Try cliff jumping

42. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

43. Swim with sharks (In a cage of course!)

44. Learn to surf

45. Dive in a submarine

46. See and/or climb a glacier

47. Chill with penguins

48. Fly in a sea plane

49. Continue my studies

50. Couchsurf

51. Try rock climbing

52. Sleep on an overnight train

53. Drive in a Professional Go Kart

54. Sea Kayak in a foreign sea

55. Go zorbing

56. Ride on one of the world’s largest ferris wheels

57. Volunteer with children or animals

58. Go on an African Safari

59. Dog sledding

60. See the Northern Lights

  1. Great list, I have a lot of these on my list too 🙂

  2. You should take an open water course and dive in Indonesia 🙂

  3. I love Your list. It is full of thing that I have not done. I think that one is missing. That is to visit in

    World biggest snow castle in Finland

    Happy travel!

  4. Don’t miss India…it is rich of tradition and culture… You will love it!

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