RTW Number 2…. Begins in 2.5 Weeks!

Unexpectedly, I will be leaving on another trip around the world in just over 2 weeks. I have been dreaming, planning and socking away all my spare cash for a while now, but I had no clue about when I would get the chance to leave. Well, my bosses approved a long paid vacation, so I am scrambling about like a headless chicken.. trying to plan a basic itinerary, cramming in-depth research into my possible destinations, and tackling an ever increasing To Do list.

In spite of all this activity, I must admit that all of the fear and trepidation which I experienced the first time around are practically non-existent. I can’t tell if it’s due to the short amount of time before I depart, or my subconscious recognizes that I’ve backpacked solo before, and sees no reason to freak out. Whatever it is, I’m grateful, because a panic attack is the very last thing I need to deal with right now.

I booked my first flight a few days ago… from Antigua to Ecuador! This will be my first time stepping foot on the mainland continent of South America. From there I plan to cross the border into Peru, then I will figure out the rest from there. Here’s to hoping that you’ll come along for the journey. I will post more info over the next few days, as I wrap up my preparations. Any tips or suggestions on where I should go are welcomed!


About Jodi

I absolutely love to travel. Most days, it's hard to focus on anything else. However, I'd like to change my travel style from now on. I have always been a 'safe' traveler, with hotel reservations made, cruise vacations and a set timetable. I want to break out of that habit, and become an independent backpacker. This blog will serve to document my aspirations to experiment with traveling solo, around the world!

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