Balancing Work and Travel


I’m sure everyone’s been there. After a particularly bad day at work, you’ve imagined yourself rushing home, haphazardly packing a small suitcase of clothes and essentials before dashing off to the airport and booking the first flight out. It would be exciting! Oh the possibilities… the adventures which await!

Then of course, most often than not..reality sneaks its way into the back of your brain and you realize while it IS possible, it’s not really a smart idea.

I think the best way to avoid this type of situation, is to find a balance between working and traveling. There’s no doubt about it. Travel is freaking awesome! It gives you a boost of confidence, makes you appreciate that there’s so much more to life than what we see on a daily basis. Hundreds of different foods to sample, thousands of songs we haven’t heard yet.. but if we only had the the chance, we would be dancing the night away.

Honestly, I have these thoughts all the time. More so, because I live on a tiny island in the Caribbean Sea. I can literally drive around my country in less than 2 hours. This creates the travel equivalent of ‘cabin fever’ and it doesn’t take much for me to feel anxious to jet off to a foreign destination. So, what are my options here?

I could take more weekend trips. At my job, when we get ‘called out’ on our day off, or we’re rostered to work on public holidays… we can either opt for payment in cash or two days off. Surprise surprise! I always take the days! So, with a bit of planning, I could easily take a small vacation for 3-4 days.

These mini holidays could fill the void while I plan for a Big Trip. Although one could argue that I would be wasting funds on mini adventures, rather than adding to my Big Trip savings… I believe in small rewards. For travel addicts, it is much easier to think ‘2 months to go before my weekend in Miami’ than ’10 months to go before I can get the heck out of Dodge!’

Research also helps to scratch the travel itch. I can easily submerge myself in hundreds of travel blogs. This provides me with the opportunity to visit far flung destinations from the comfort of my bed. Many bloggers have the magic touch which enables me to feel as though I am right there with them on the 20 hour bus rides or sipping cocktails on a deserted beach in the South Pacific.

At any cost, there has to be a balance. I’m not saying it’s easy. What I can guarantee however, is the fact that it’s worth the while! When something is a major priority in your life, you can and will do what is necessary to make it a reality. If you have any other ideas as to how I can live a life of frequent travel while maintaining a full-time job… I’d love to hear them! Safe travels to all!


About Jodi

I absolutely love to travel. Most days, it's hard to focus on anything else. However, I'd like to change my travel style from now on. I have always been a 'safe' traveler, with hotel reservations made, cruise vacations and a set timetable. I want to break out of that habit, and become an independent backpacker. This blog will serve to document my aspirations to experiment with traveling solo, around the world!

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  1. I’m one of those people who believe that being a travel addict while at the same time a corporate employee is very possible. Like you, I would rather choose days off over money because with those days off I can take mini trips. I myself am preparing for my own big trip sometime next year, but I have some mini trips in the pipeline. 🙂

    • That’s great! What time of year are you hoping for? I would make the effort to meet up with you at some point! Looking forward to your mini trips in the not too distant future 😀 😀

  2. Meeting up with you would be great! I’m thinking of sometime between July – December. I have just returned from one of the best mini trips I’ve ever taken so far. I went to the Indonesian island of Flores which is heavily influenced by the Portuguese, and in fact the majority of people on the island are Catholics.

    • Awesome! I’ll google it in a few. Email me whenever you organize a possible route and departure date for next year 🙂

      • Ok. I just saw a couple of images of Flores and they were stunning! The crater lake as well as the pink beaches look seriously amazing. I’ve been to a pink beach before, on Antigua’s sister isle of Barbuda about 12 years ago. I brought home a bit of the sand, and I still have it in my living room!

  3. I’m really glad I got into working in editing, which is relatively easy to do freelance. This means I can work as I travel, or I can move between jobs more easily and work overseas.

    • I did travel writing once so I know firsthand the hard work required. Well done on your career choice! There are 24 hours in a day, so if you travel while working.. 8 hours to work, 8 hours to sleep and 8 hours to sightsee! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 🙂

  4. Ignore my comment on the last post then, Jodi, if it’s so small 🙂
    Yes, go for the quick fixes! Life’s too short 🙂

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