Snow Storm Aftermath! (and) I’m in USA!

So, I took an impromptu trip to New York and New Jersey a few days ago.. I literally bought the plane tickets 48 hours before departure, and it was a pretty awesome feeling. I usually plan all of my trips, or at the very least, devote several hours to trip research prior to my first flight. I had some business to attend to in USA, so it was pretty urgent… that’s why I haven’t mentioned it on my blog until now.

Interestingly enough, I arrived not too long before a serious snow storm hit the North Eastern states. Coming from a tropical island, I had never seen real snow before, actually falling from the sky. All prior snow experiences involved seeing the snow already on the ground. It was freezing, it was wet, but it was oooooh sooo pretty!!!

Here’s a few photos to show you what my neighbourhood looked like after the snow stopped!







While I will forever be in love with golden sand, I must admit, white snow is really gorgeous. My very first snow storm will never be forgotten!


About Jodi

I absolutely love to travel. Most days, it's hard to focus on anything else. However, I'd like to change my travel style from now on. I have always been a 'safe' traveler, with hotel reservations made, cruise vacations and a set timetable. I want to break out of that habit, and become an independent backpacker. This blog will serve to document my aspirations to experiment with traveling solo, around the world!

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  1. It seems to be winter, although roads are not snowy and icy.

  2. Impromptu isn’t my style either, but it does sound appealing 🙂 Lovely photos Jodi.

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