Current State of Events

The days are passing by so quickly, and unfortunately…. I haven’t gotten much stuff done. I still haven’t applied for my Vietnam Visa Approval letter, still have my visa photos to be taken, and there’s still lots of things on my to-do list. Sigh

This is by far the most complicated trip I have ever planned! I am pretty used to taking the easy route, traveling to countries where I don’t need a visa, allowing other people to organize my transportation and take care of all the nitty-gritty stuff. This independent style of travel is not for everyone, but after much hard work is invested, the feeling you get is pretty rewarding.

So I’m basically hard at work trying to plan as much as I can in the few days I have left. One of the things I am working on is a new bank account at a different bank. I am afraid that my bank may become suspicious of the different transactions worldwide and may decide to close my account access, even if I informed them of my plans.

This new account will be my backup funds, until I would be able to clear up any misunderstanding with my primary bank in the event. I know some people may consider this a bit paranoid, but I would freak out being by myself in a strange country with no access to any of my money!

This topic now opens an entirely different can of worms. How do I store my cash while I’m on the road? I’ve seen many different tips scattered around the internet, and I actually found several to be quite useful. Some people suggest sewing a small ‘pocket’ inside of your jeans and slipping a $50 inside for security. Others raise the insoles of their sneakers and store money inside as well.

I will consider using these techniques as well as several others to protect my finances while traveling. How do you store your cash on a trip?


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  1. I never did any of this (sewing a small pocket inside of your jeans – do you wear those jeans every day? And same with shoes, do you wear the same pair every day?). I carried a bit of cash in my “wallet” about $50. As for the rest of my cash, I had it in my money belt, which was always on me. I slept with it and locked it up when I showered. I had one credit card and my debit card. I stored them separately. I used credit card whenever I could sparing the little cash in my wallet. Worked out for me. My thought was I can always get money wired if something happens. I always made sure I had cash on me though.

    • Thanks for your feedback Vanny! I seriously considered the money belt, but wasn’t sure. Which one do you use? I guess the tip about the shoe was more about a place to hide $50 emergency cash in ur luggage. Everyday storage is another story!

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