It’s Jouvert, Baby!

Carnival in Antigua is beyond festive. Everyone literally waits the entire year for the celebrations to begin, then they dive right in wholeheartedly. This morning, was Jouvert and the session started at 4am! For those who have never heard of Jouvert before, picture thousands of party-goers wearing their oldest clothes and dancing behind huge trucks with massive speakers! The city literally shakes with the combination of loud noise, and jammin’ crowds.

I dragged myself out of bed after 5am, then hustled into town to meet my friend Jennifer. We followed the trail of pulsing sound waves, from the many loud speakers blasting out Carnival tunes. Here’s what we found!

Note the water tank spraying people!


Some people were throwing mud around, and I guess he bathed in it! LOL


Jennifer and I watched from the sidelines for a while after we first arrived. There was lots of chaos, but it was exciting! Thousands of happy people danced in the streets, to the latest Carnival songs from the local bands.

Jen and I from the sidelines

The sun got hot, and the crowds didn’t give a damn. The water tank, simply took on the task of hosing down everyone to keep them ‘refreshed’! People danced so hard, that lots of guys started to take their shirts off! LOL.

Watching was fun, however we were given free beers from some of  folks in the jouvert troupes…so we joined in! We danced up and down the streets of the city and had a total blast!

Local Beer


Party On!!!

After 4 hours of straight jumping and dancing in the street, we finally headed home to our nice clean showers! Not for long though, as the street parade is this afternoon at 2pm. After a morning wake up call like this one, there’s no way I’m missing it!


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  1. Looks fuuunnn! Did you have the energy to go to the street parade at 2 pm? Speaking of street parades, do you have any plans to visit Toronto for Caribana? The festival is pretty big there, although I’ve never been myself.

  2. I went! There was a tropical storm several miles off the coast of the island though, and as a result it was pretty rainy. Most troupes kept going, but the dreary weather didn’t help with the photos. Thankfully, the really big Carnival parade should be today, so hopefully, the weather will be sunny with only a slight chance of showers!

    Caribana in Toronto? Haven’t been to it…. apparently, I visited Toronto at the wrong time!! 😛 Thanks as always for reading and commenting Vanny!

  3. Ooooh I had no idea that there was a Carnival in Antigua, fun fun!!!

    • Andi, Thanks for stopping by! Carnival in Antigua is definitely fun fun!! LOL. Today is the final day of the celebrations sadly. I’ll try to get a few photos. 🙂

  4. fun galore my kinda lime taking off my shirtt so hottttt…

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